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Art post time!

This is old! But I found it and decided I should probably upload it here. Claire and Other!Claire, though I assure you that she is not some DARK EVIL HALF to her, and is instead something else entirely.

Haha, just a doodle from last month! First drawing of a character from my 24 Hr Comic. He is enlisted by his mom (who is far more majestic looking than him, and has wings and shit) to help a human girl named Meri find her little sister, Lou. He really doesn't want to and would much rather eat mushrooms all day long. Unlike his mom, he can't fly, but later doodles of him gave him long fingers/claws so he's a very good climber instead!

Draco, what are you doing here. GET OUT OF HERE.

I posted this earlier but I forgot to link it on my main journal, so here you go again. Another character from 24 Hr Comic Day named Regina, who is queen of the world Meri (and Lou) find themselves in. She has four arms and she's actually pretty nice, but she wants the sisters out of her world so she does everything she can to help Meri find Lou as quickly as possible.

Old thing! I drew what I wore to a job interview, which really isn't that much different from how I usually dress.

Unnamed werewolf lady, who is BFFs (maybe more) with a werewolf hunter lady. I've had trouble drawing them (even this isn't right), mostly because I don't actually know what setting they belong in.

I drew this yesterday! I drew a thing! OuO Haha, her name is Bianca (also in the last drawing) and she lives in the woods. Everyone in the town outside the woods thinks she's a crazy lady, but really she just took over the care of her fathers land (the forest) after he died and has to chase out anyone who trespasses without permission. People who think she's crazy and avoid her/the forest because of that is awesome, but sometimes dumb kids want to see the Crazy Forest Lady and she gets stuck having to chase them out, which is not so awesome. Anyways, she's one of the protagonists to my NaNo story, though I haven't been on the site to update my wordcount since the beginning of the month. 9__6

I'll try to draw more often again! D:

EDIT: Hey, theywerecones  is organizing a Secret Santa thing! If anyone is interested, here's more information/sign-up.
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