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I have been sort of dead and not.. drawing anything, really. I have some things here or there but I had to format my computer AGAIN. So I had to reinstall Photoshop and I've yet to reinstall the driver for my scanner. I finally reinstalled my tablet, though, so there is that.

Oh look! A tegaki thing! She is a character from a comic I was doing for 24 hr Comic Day, but I never got to the part where she shows up because I came down with a nasty cold halfway through the day and couldn't continue. She's unnamed, but she's got four arms and she's a queen. Whooooo.

I have to finish up some stuff with the comic and reinstall my scanner's driver and then I'll have more to post. Sorry for being so dead. D:
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No fancy preview image today! Because I am running my other crackhead laptop in safe mode, and it won't let me open Photoshop! Yay!

Legato Bluesummerrsssssss. India ink, and Photoshop used on the eye.

Had a random urge to draw him, even though.. man, do weeaboos even know what Trigun is anymore? The only cosplayers I ever see are 20+ years old, and even those have been few and far in between it seems like.